Benefits of Credit Card Processing Services

Charity Credit Cards offers low-cost, credit card payment processing services, designed to benefit nonprofit organizations, by providing the following perks:

  • next day funding
  • no monthly minimums
  • no annual fees

In today’s economy, we understand that nonprofits rely heavily on credit card collections. That said, the more methods of payment you can receive, the more potential support you can gain for your nonprofit. By keeping our rates and fees low, our service allows you the opportunity to accept every major credit card on the market: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and more. So, no matter how your donors want to pay, you will be prepared to receive their support!


Having a Variety of Payment Methods for May Boost Donations

Having the ability to process all major credit cards, opens many doors of opportunity for your organization. For instance, studies show that people tend to spend more and give more when they pay by credit card versus cash only. In this way, being able to receive multiple payment methods allows your organization greater earning potential, such as:

  • larger, one-time donations and gifts
  • the ability to offer auto-draft, monthly subscriptions
  • and more

Does your nonprofit organization want to maximize its earning potential? That’s where we come in. We understand that organizations like yours, need to be able to raise funds while minimizing the cost of collecting those funds. Because of this, we have made it our goal to give back by providing budget-friendly, credit card payment processing services for nonprofits. Let us partner with you so that your organization might achieve its highest potential!


Lowest Nonprofit Credit Card Processing Rates in the Industry

The core belief of Charity Credit Cards is, “we will only be successful as the organizations we serve thrive.” When you have the ability to accept all major credit cards but are not burdened by costly rates and fees to process those donations, you will quickly reap the benefits! By boasting some of the lowest rates in the industry, we commit to helping your organization expand its reach! You have our promise to walk with you every step of the way.


Our Commitment

In order to provide the best possible merchant services and credit card payment processing for nonprofit organizations,

Charity Credit Cards will:

  • Always maintain low rates and fees
  • Offer exceptional customer service for everyday questions and troubleshooting
  • Provide prompt, local support
  • Keep your organization up to date on all compliance, security safeguards and best practices
  • Always keep your information, as well as that of your donors and sponsors, safe and secure
  • Help you manage your data efficiently 
  • Install and train on point-of-sale equipment 
  • Help you to better understand merchant statements 
  • Explain how MasterCard and Visa rates and fees are incurred 
  • Troubleshoot point-of-sale equipment 
  • Assist with PCI DSS Certification 
  • Disclose ALL rates and fees before the contract is signed 

Charity Credit Cards will never: 

  • Charge termination fees 
  • Charge a monthly minimum or annual fees
  • Increase our profit margins 
  • Lease equipment (we will provide cost-effective payment solutions) 


Our president, C. Jason Bundy, has many years of experience in the payment processing industry and has served on multiple nonprofit boards such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Junior Achievement and others. Because of this, he understands firsthand the need for a program designed to assist nonprofits in collecting, maximizing and processing donations received via credit cards. You can trust that our credit card processing services have been designed specifically with nonprofit organizations like yours, in mind. We see this as our small part in helping you succeed!