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A variety of payment methods boosts donations for nonprofits. Having the ability to process all major credit cards, opens many doors of opportunity for your organization. For instance, studies show that people tend to spend more and give more when they pay by credit card versus cash only. In this way, being able to receive multiple payment methods allows your organization greater earning potential, such as:

  • larger, one-time donations and gifts
  • the ability to offer auto-drafts
  • monthly subscriptions for donations
  • and more!

We understand that nonprofit organizations like yours, need to be able to raise funds while minimizing the cost of collecting those funds. Because of this, we have made it our goal to give back by providing budget-friendly, credit card payment processing services for nonprofits. Let us partner with you so that your organization might achieve its highest potential!

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No longer fear accepting credit cards donations from your donors because of high fees! Our program is designed to help you maximize your donation dollars.

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